What is ‘Hip-Happenin’?

When thinking about what to write, I had no idea! I’ve never particularly been exposed to hip hop but I have definitely learnt a lot this week. Hip hop has a lot of representations. It can represent place, ethnicity, language or a group of people. I was particularly surprised that Samoans were amongst the first break dancers. In Henderson’s reading it states that it “enabled the children of migrants to have the confidence to learn and perform traditional dance at Samoan gatherings” and are among the “practitioners of popping, locking and strutting.” (Henderson, 2006) This illustrates that the Samoan culture has adapted to today’s culture but have kept their tradition and heritage.

Of course in today’s society, there is an image of certain ‘gangsta’ images that has been seen to have quite a negative connotation. In particular there are stereotypes of gender and racial differences with the ideal being of male and African descent. This concept is being eliminated with the introduction of new forms of hip-hop and rap. In Australia, majority of the most famous rappers are ‘white’ males such as Pez and 360 who are becoming more mainstream with collaborations with musicians such as Gossling and Josh Pyke. Through this week, it has enabled me to see the transformation of hip-hop and the way in which society today has benefited from the traditional ways of past cultures.


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