Globalising the World

Whether we like to admit it or not, globalisation is an inevitable process occurring throughout the developed and developing countries of the world. Whether you’re all for it or utterly against it, it is vital to the development of the world. It has allowed us to become more connected and has given us the ability to choose ‘where we are from’. The main contributing factor of the development of globalisation is technology. It enables us to be informed and communicate with people all over the world creating opportunities and experiences previously uncommon or difficult to achieve.

Globalisation however, can be seen from contrasting views of dystopian and utopian ideals. The utopian aspect of globalisation can also be addressed by Marshall McLuhan’s term of the “Global Village” which was introduced to portray the idea that globalisation is able to bring people together no matter where they are in the world allowing communication within the ‘global village’ Ultimately it changes how we interact with one another. It allows us to communicate globally. On the other hand, a dystopian view is evident. Globalisation especially through the media can affect political and social norms through representations and portrayals politically, economically and socially.

Imagine a life without globalisation though. You wouldn’t be able to walk down the street and be offered an array of world cuisines, or be exposed to other cultural film industries such as Bollywood or get the latest gadget produced in Europe. We wouldn’t be able to connect throughout the world or be exposed to other cultures. Where would we be without globalisation?


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