Warriors Against Women

The topic of women is always a shaky one whether it be online or not. There are always going to be issues of misogyny and inequality between men and women. Over the past 100 years, women have fought for their rights and equality and are still doing so to this day. Online is another story though. With the introduction and popularity of opinion blogs and social media such as Facebook and twitter, it has become an increasingly hot topic. Laurie Penny, writer for the Guardian explains that “the net, however, makes it easier for boys in lonely bedrooms to become bullies.” (Thorpe, Rodgers 2011) This statement portrays the idea that the internet is like an invisibility cloak. You can say what you want and not have to face up to the females you are insulting.

An example of the impact trolls can have on targeting women is outlined in the Charlotte Dawson case. She came under extreme scrutiny online via Twitter as males trolled and tormented her online with abusive tweets that were able to hide behind their keyboards and not feel the effect of it. One of her tormentors 20 year-old Jordan McGuire explains when asked how he felt being yelled expletives at that “they’re just things I say. They’re things that I say on Twitter and Twitter isn’t real life.” This comment displays the misconception of online trolling and the issue of misogyny.

Misogyny is still a major concern online with the access of majority of the population to internet and technology. It furthers on from cyber bullying and can have severe consequences. But will it improve or get worse in the future?


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