Mix it, Match it

The Remix Culture is circulating everywhere in today’s society. Collaborative efforts are seen as “projects which harness the creativity of a large range of participants to build on and extend an existing pool of artistic materials” (Bruns 2010). The music genre of remix and DJs has been an ever evolving market with the development of technology also known as turntablism. DJ decks and equipment can allow artists to use other artist’s music to remix or mash up the original arrangement into a new and improved form. In my personal opinion, artists have always looked to other artists for inspiration for new music; it doesn’t necessarily just come to them.

An extremely popular example of remix can be seen through Pretty Lights song ‘Finally Moving’. It depicts a down tempo, easy listening song. Then comes Avicii, the world renowned DJ, who plays at global festivals such as Tomorrowland and Coachella. His song ‘Levels’ sees inspiration taken from Pretty Lights’ song for a more upbeat, festival song. This song has seen more than 63 million views on Youtube. Furthering on from this Flor Rida’s song ‘Good Feeling’ uses the chorus of ‘Finally Moving’ just like ‘Levels’ did. All three songs have similar tunes and beats but all are very different in regards to their final product.

The point of remix is to take a form of something and entirely shift it to a new context. There is a lot of debate over whether the remix or the original is more superior. But all depends on the context of the form. We have seen great songs evolve over time through collaborations and remix supporting the fact that remix is vital in today’s culture. Overall remix plays a vital role in the production of new music and the evolution of new genres and styles.


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