From One to Many

citizen journalism largeImage:

When I started using the internet back in my primary school days, I had no idea of the way in which I would be participating in it in the future. Nowadays, everyone is getting involved. Whether it be on Twitter when a serious global event has occurred or merely to voice their opinions on certain matters on blog sites. The absence of authority has enabled users to produce, share and consume at a vast rate with the lack of authority allowing us to feel ‘safe’ when contributing to the World Wide Web with no cost and no risk being an enticing factor.


The recent Boston Bombings is a prime example of the way citizen journalism operates. Like many, I took to Twitter for a constant stream of news. Because of the amount of contributors both journalists and citizens, the facts became blurred as a result of the amount of information being passed around. This produces the question, “How are journalists supposed to survive?” In a world where information is a simple click away, who would go out of their way to read the paper when you could get all the facts on Twitter. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions however, when will it become too many unauthorised opinions?


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