“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.” – C.S Lewis

This quote sums up my experience of BCM110. Day by day nothing particularly changes but looking over the past 7 weeks, I feel as if I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge and awareness of media through the lectures (which are my favourite out of all my subjects to go to) and the readings which I actually don’t mind having a geez at.

During week 2 we were introduced to the concept of media effects, communication concepts and theories and were exposed to the ‘effects model’ and its recurring impact on us. This was really the first time I had been exposed to such knowledge about the media which I found fascinating and definitely changed my perceptions of the role of media. When exploring representations within the media, I feel like I gained a lot which helped in my understanding of how the media wants certain images to be portrayed. When thinking of media ownership, I didn’t actually know who owned the media I was utilizing. Through this I have definitely become aware of the power of individuals over my life and how they can simply shape my views within society. This blogging task has definitely taught me to be aware of what I am being exposed to. Through things such as the information I give away on Facebook or the bias views that some news broadcasters have on topics such as the political outlook of Australia. The fact that we are being watched 24/7 scares me most. The fact I live on campus which has security cameras on every walkway and out the front of every building means I’m on camera simply on my way to dinner or just to visit a friend.

Reading others blogs has definitely shown me so many different perspectives of the different topics. Seeing and reading about others ideas has both scared me and surprised me because they are all so good and have taught me a lot. All this has definitely made me sceptical about the Australian media landscape and its effects through the messages it portrays as a result. Overall though, I’m extremely grateful to have taken this subject because of all the knowledge I have attained as a result.


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