Media Puppeteers


The Australian media landscape consists of extremely concentrated patterns of ownership. This involves the likes of Gina Rinehart, Kerry Stokes and Bruce Gordon of who impact the entire Australian population and the way we interpret information presented to us. This power enables these select few to shape what society sees as normal and determines what society’s expectations are. Ultimately, media ownership has persuasion over our ideologies and has the potential to shift how we perceive the world.

These days media is not just an avenue for getting the news. It presents the endless possibilities accessible to us and the way in which they can shape our perceptions on certain topics. This can be seen through the portrayal of large political figures who can be portrayed as well as the media decides. This has a major impact on the political system and outcomes of Australia providing a bias view in political campaigns.

Throughout my day, I’m exposed to media owned by the likes of Gina Rinehart, Kerry Stokes and Bruce Gordon. These are three individuals who have the power to change my ideas. Studying this topic has scared me to the fact that single people can change my views in an instant. Gina Rinehart for example has limited the negative exposure to mining limiting our understanding of the big issues and impacts of mining in Australia. This limitation serves as a perfect example of the impact an individual’s bias view can have which ultimately determines our views on important issues in Australia. The concentration of media ownership has proved a major concern due to its single-sided views and furthermore the power and influence it has on the people of Australia.


2 thoughts on “Media Puppeteers

  1. I agree with your analysis. Media ownership really does play a big role when it comes to politics. As I was watching a t.v show on channel 10, I realised how biased the hosts were towards politics, it was obvious they were for the Labour party. The hosts would mock the liberal party, persistently, and find faults in their every movement. I personally have little knowledge on politics but must admit that my perspectives have been influenced by what they ‘feed’ me. I also like the idea of your post title 🙂

  2. This is a great post! I like how you explore how ‘media ownership has the potential to shift how we perceive the world’. This is a great point and one I didn’t fully comprehend before studying BCM110, like you I am now much more aware of the effects media ownership has on my thoughts and decisions. I also like how you have used an example of Gina Rinehart’s involvement in mining issues to elaborate your point of how our ideology can be shifted by what we are exposed to. Good job!

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