Crossing that Line




Time Magazine. A highly influential magazine read and viewed by millions worldwide. So when Time decided to put a controversial image on the front of their magazine, it was sure to cause debate and argument about the content. This was seen through the May 2012 cover of a mother breast-feeding her 3 year old son with the title, “Are you Mom enough?” in bold red letters. Its purpose was to explore the topic of “attachment parenting” which according to Dr Bill Sears (2012) is a growing trend in today’s society.

But why was it so controversial? The denotation is simply what the picture literally presents. The picture sees Jamie Lynne Grummet, 26, breast feeding her three year old son which in today’s society isn’t necessarily looked highly upon.

Furthering on from this, the image connotes a specific idea of breast-feeding and motherhood which continues to be a tender topic in today’s society in many cultures. It questions whether “You are mom enough” and presents an extreme idea of motherhood and the so called “correct way” to up bring your child.

Many turned to social media especially twitter to voice their opinions on the cover. Most were women and in particular, new mothers. Alyssa Milano, a well-known actress and mother herself took to twitter to describe her disgust with the cover.




Overall the cover sparked an incredible amount of debate about the exploitive nature of the cover and the impact that it had on the views of “attachment parenting” and mothers world-wide.


Braiker, B 2012, Time breastfeeding cover ignites debate around ‘attachment parenting’, Guardian 10 May, viewed 7 April,


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