Getting Involved

The internet. My how it has grown over the years.

The more I think about it, the more I am aware of how the internet is becoming an increasingly particapatory and easily accessible commodity for which all people, regardless of background are able to contribute to the internet. The development of the internet has provided consumers with a more active role rather than passive providing a huge array of possibilities to interact and partake with others . As a result, the internet is becoming an increasingly popular way to display issues and get people involved in world issues.

This can be seen through the extensively viewed Kony 2012 video which was viewed over 97 million times on youtube. A message was put across. And people responded. Millions responded. Through facebook and twitter became a way of sharing and contributing to the cause of creating awareness to Joseph Kony. If I asked someone of my generation today, their answer will most likely be yes. All because of the internet and the way in which we shared the video that made such a difference. There has been both positive and negative feedback to the video which is the reason I find it so interesting. Everyone is getting involved whether they are all for it or against it.

This follow up video by the organization Invisible Children responsible for Kony 2012, explains the impact social media and user participation had on the awareness it created and how it was received by the world.

Through the internet, we can all have a voice. But how will we all be heard?


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