Attachment Issues?

I go to sleep with it centremeters away. I eat with it. Travel with it. See my friends with it. And even check it numerous times a night spending a lot of my spare time on it. Yes, it is the iPhone.

Growing up on a large property, 5 hours west of Wollongong, I had minimal exposure to technology. The most I was involved in was the television. I played outside, rode horses, got dirty and most of all, I had a genuinely good time being a kid and keeping my innocence for as long as I could. I got my first phone when I was 15 at boarding school. It was black and white and all it could do was call and text. Nowadays children as young as ten are possessing smartphones with the danger of exposure to violence, pornography and cyber bullying. All because phones are not just phones but rather an extension of ourselves. They have maps, the internet, apps, and can send pictures in an instant. Thinking about it really scares me how far this technology has come since the cell phones creation in 1983.

With the access to the internet these days, I am constantly thinking, how the hell is anyone supposed to invent or build upon anything more. But as it seems, technology is becoming a larger and larger enterprise playing a major role in majority of the world’s day to day. Seeing how much my parents cope with their iPhones, I honestly don’t know how I’ll cope in the future.

Along with the total dependence on the iPhone, the fact that the product is a closed platform just adds to the fact that Apple kind of controls people’s lives. Being a locked device allows Apple to have total control over the App system and operating systems with Apple manufacturers being the only ones to be able to alter or change the ever improving product. I’m not sure about you but the more I look into it, the more I realise how so many others control a large part of my existence.


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