Questioning the role of media in today’s society

How much television do you watch? Or how many newspapers do you read? Furthermore which newspapers and television shows do you view? All these factors have varying effects on individuals and what they are exposed to. For example, there’s a difference between reading The Australian newspaper and reading The Daily Telegraph. Just as there is a difference between watching ABC News and A Current Affair. It’s all too obvious which programs are there for entertainment and which are there to tell the true story. The way in which media can bend and contort a story on the basis of entertainment must be questioned on the morals and practices involved. As discussed in our previous lecture, the Port Arthur Massacre was a tragic event in which as many as 35 people died as a result of the killing spree of Martin Bryant. The media presented a photoshopped image of Bryant a few days after the event with possessed like eyes which appeared on the Hobart Mercury depicting a mentally unfit man. Along with this, another picture appeared of him constructing him as an innocent child portraying how the media over his life had corrupted him. Through this example, a few questions can be asked about media in society today. Where do we draw the line between fact and fiction for the basis of entertainment? And how differently do we interact and acknowledge various sources such as magazines, newspapers and television shows?


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