Hola, Bonjour, 你好, Guten Tag, Ciào, Hello

My name is Willa Matchett and I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Media and Communications/International Studies here at Wollongong. I grew up on a large property in a small town, Grenfell, 5 hours West of Wollongong and as a result I’m residing at Campus East. Growing up in the country, I had little knowledge or awareness of media. Communications however was a heavily depended on asset due to isolation with dependence being placed upon telephone lines, radio and internet.  I have chosen to do Media and Communications due to my interest in the area of media and the heavy impact it has on my everyday life and the evolution it is undertaking constantly as a result of many differing factors such as globalisation and the increase in global issues. This course links heavily with my opposing degree of International Studies furthering (I hope!) my knowledge in global issues and hopefully through this knowledge I will then be able to travel and work in international aid. Social media especially is becoming an increasingly popular and advantageous thing to possess especially in a world becoming more technologically involved. Like any other student, I’m heavily involved with social media especially facebook. Social media plays such a large role in the lives of not only myself, but people all over the world of all ages and cultures due to it’s easy accessibility and dependibility in the generation of “tech heads”. In the not too distant future when I finally finish my degree, I hope to be in a career that helps others, constantly changing and of course, a job I will love doing. I would love to travel and extend my connections both nationally and internationally so a job in international aid working with like-minded people would be where I’d like to be in the next 5 years. p>


2 thoughts on “Hola, Bonjour, 你好, Guten Tag, Ciào, Hello

  1. Grenfell. Henry Lawson. Drought relief. I know it quite well because my parents have a property in Young, not too far away. To me the town looks like a movie set. Its old buildings are still so well intact and have a particular charm. I believe that it has been used frequently for country music videos for this reason and because Steve Forde is from there. Have you been along to one of the video shoots? I imagine the whole town getting involved.

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